10 Small Facts About Me

Since I just started this blog, you’re probably wondering who on earth I am. You’ll learn more about me and my writing style as I go but for now… Here’s 10 simple facts about me.

1. I am a musician

I currently can play the piano and flute pretty well, but I’m also learning and aim to learn things like the violin, ukulele, guitar (acoustic, electric, and bass), clarinet, and probably plenty more.

2. I love to read and write

I grew up reading as much as I could and quite ahead of my grade level. I love to read pretty much anything I can get my hands on, but I’m not the biggest fan of magazines or non fiction books unless they’re super intriguing to me. My mom has always been a writer and I inherited a lot of her writing talent and habits, hence why I’m here for you all now.

3. I have two pet ferrets

Oh my goodness, I love my ferrets. I’ll probably be writing about them a lot on this blog. They are the cutest little two-year-old babies ever. But no spoilers for when they get their own articles on here 🙂

4. I’m 15

I’ve been writing since I was 9, and had a past blog page that I called HouseOfBearHugs where I wrote different things about my life and experiences. I wanted to change my branding to Creatively Me, and my mom has helped me since. Now that I’m 15 there’s loads of teen stuff I can write about.

5. I’m currently in 10th grade

Although most 10th graders are 16-17 years old, the way my birthday fell made me start kindergarten younger than most. Now I am 15 and in 10th grade, planning to actually graduate next year from my charter school that I currently have a 4.0 GPA in. I don’t know where I’ll go after High School yet.

6. I’m very introverted and sometimes shy

My mom is really friendly and extroverted but I’m often super anxious and shy in crowds or even one on one. It makes friendships a bit hard, but my friends that I have accept the way I am.

7. I love traveling

I absolutely love to travel, even though I’ve never traveled very far out of the New England area of the United States. I love seeing new places and things, there will be loads of articles on the things I explore even if they’re just places near home that I love to take pictures of.

8. I enjoy photography

Although I’m not really the greatest at it yet, I do love photography. A picture says so much more than words and can be saved for a lifetime. I usually just take pictures with my phone but I have a film camera and digital one too.

9. I’m considered very creative

My friends and family always praise me for how creative I am, but I just love to do what I can. Art inspires me and I like to make little crafts or doodles of things I see in my life.

10. I’m passionate about LGBT+ topics and other things as well

There are plenty of topics I’m passionate about and could talk about for ages such as music, piercings, LGBT+ topics, and more. But I think the thing I’m most passionate is the LGBTQ community and our rights or educating others about the community. There will most likely be plenty of writing about it on here.


Wow, what a lot of random things to start off this page. I hope you liked learning about me. I can’t wait to start posting more articles for y’all. Comment some reactions or ideas you may have!

It's always great to share!

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