What to Expect


Heya out there! It’s been a rough patch thinking of content to include and how to schedule things, but there’s going to be plenty to come! Keep reading for some sneak peeks on topics and days to expect a post from me.



What topics are to be expected?


Well, I have plenty of jumbled thoughts going on in my head that could all be decent articles at some point. When I got to thinking, I got to slim down those thoughts into some topics to tell y’all and to write about in more lengthy format. These are things such as:

  • Alternative healing
  • Music topics
  • Book of the week / month (not sure yet)
  • Life as a homeschooler
  • My ferret care routines
  • Things about my family/lifestyle
  • Maybe gaming stuff
  • Crystal healing
  • YouTube related articles
  • Art projects/crafts
  • Travel
  • LGBT related topics
  • Some educational stuff
  • Health, exercise, and dieting as a teen
  • And plenty more…

They may not seem so interesting yet, but I have plenty of ideas to expand these into some good articles. My post schedule should be 3 times a week, Monday will be quotes to brighten up your day.

Since nobody loves Mondays, we can start off right!

Wednesdays will be an article of my choosing, probably some less deep stuff in the beginning and progress to be more interesting topics. And finally, Friday is book day. Some books, favorite experiences with reading, opportunities reading gives you, and probably a lot more.


I also hope to share my life journey with y’all along the way, so there might be some more posts thrown in on non-scheduled days. Be sure to subscribe by email to my blog to keep updated and follow me on social media to be notified first when I upload on YouTube or this site. Take care lovelies! Comment some of your ideas and feedback please!



(Note: final image is edited by me, all images come from pexels.com)
It's always great to share!

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